22 Feb

Popular Harlem Shake video by newly graduated Multimediadesigner

14.000 views in first week on Youtube

Multimediadesigner Rodijs Razmus made this super Harlem Shake video for IK Aarhus. Immediately the video became a succes on the social media with over 14.000 views within the first week. This led to exposure on different media, including the tv-program “Godmorgen Danmark” on TV2 and articles in HockeyWorld.dk and BT.dk.

Internship led to… viral succes!

Rodijs did his 4th semester internship at the ice hockey club IK Aarhus. This led to a main assignment about how IK Aarhus could benefit from using social media. Rodijs also made some videos for the club during his intership, but unfortunately none of them had the same viral succes as his Harlem Shake.

Rodijs Rasmus was born in Latvia and came to Denmark to play ice hockey at IK.

Aarhus and study at the international program at Business Academy Aarhus. On the picture it is Rodijs on the left with a helmet on.

Rodijs Rasmus