09 Jan

Meet an MDC Student – Emils


It was with mixed emotions that 22-year old Emils met this morning for his first exam. An exam that would wrap up Emils’ first semester of classes and point to his level of competence.

Emils’ group first presented their project as a team. Then each student had to make an individual presentation and discuss theory and technical issues with the examiners.

“I didn’t know what to expect for this type of exam – you simply have to try it. Now I see that next time I can be more detailed when preparing my own speech instead of just aiming for an informal talk.”

At the exam Emils put emphasis on how the buy cheap cialis online crafts of the profession came together for him during the intense project weeks.
”When you can code you are better at understanding the challenge of a business. Understanding a business helps you to make a better design and so on. I am happy now, but quite frankly I didn’t think I would do so well.”

Emils was awarded with the grade 10 for his performance.

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