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31 Mar

Discovering pumps with Grundfos


For two weeks students from the Digital Developer class were busy developing digital concepts for Grundfos.

Grundfos is a Danish pump manufacturing company with the drive to develop quality solutions for the worldwide water utility market. They are a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter within water technology.

They estimate that there currently are more than 100 millions of their pumps installed worldwide. However, the challenge that they face is that they do not know where exactly these pumps are installed.

Having the information about which pumps are installed where would be very beneficial to Grundfos as they would be able to utilize this information to offer better service and sales activities.

Grundfos asked our students to help them with this problem.

How can Grundfos gather information about the pumps installed. How can people be motivated to register this information with Grundfos? How would an app in the hands of people facilitate this registration?

The students had to explore this problem area and come up with a solution in the form of a concept and a digital prototype that validating their concept.

Visiting Grundfos

The students worked intensely for two weeks, developing, validating and testing their concepts. Finally, the concepts were presented to Grundfos. Two weeks of hard work and two weeks of great fun!

01 Feb

Meet an MDC Student – Andras


Late January around 100 students arrived at Multimedia Design and Communication to begin their 2-year programme.
Among them was 20-year old Andras, originally from Budapest but a resident in Aarhus for almost two years.

“I have been studying Chemical and Biotechnical Science at the University of Aarhus for three semesters but decided to make a change. Although I am quite good at math, I have been drawing and painting all my life. I missed the creative aspect, so now I look forward to widen my creative palette and open up new career opportunities.”

The hardest thing for Andras was to tell his parents back home about his change of career plans.
“I guess I started at the university to please them – this programme I have chosen for myself.”

26 Jan

I Amsterdam


In the spring 2014, on my first Semester, a very enthusiastic teacher tried to get a group of students to go on a school trip to Amsterdam. I personally had my doubts about the trip; could I raise the money? Could it have any bad influence on my grade for second semester? I didn’t know the other guys; would we be able to get along? After thinking about it and talking pros and cons for it with my friends, I decided to do it. I mean – you are only a student for a short period of your lifetime, why not make the most of it while you can?

And that decision was probably the best I have made so far in my time at the Business Academy. On the November 22 we were leaving Aarhus. Five people – three from Denmark, one  from England and one from Bulgaria, and I didn’t know any of them, but it only took one and a half day, then I felt safe and comfortable around them.

If I should tell very short what that the point of our trip was, it was to attend some marketing classes at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, and in extension of that starting our exam project 2.2. The Dutch students in the Marketing classes were already working with a client; a polish fashion designer, and we should attend their project with our multi- and social media expertise.  We decided to make the designer the client in our project too, which gave us the opportunity to continue the work we did with the Dutch students and translate it into our own project.

10689530_10204263148091061_8462934057311940542_n 10801811_10152786332527752_6315079991824747760_n

We rented a little apartment in the area de pijp, which is an artistic, young, cozy and living area of Amsterdam. In this apartment we lived and worked together in the two weeks the trip lasted. I think a lot of our success with the project process has to be subscribed to our decision about living close together while being down there. We had the opportunity to work at any time of the day that suited us, and we got a natural feeling of how we each worked the online casino best and we got a great workflow.

The trip to Amsterdam was not only “studying”, even though I must admit that it was a huge priority for us. But we also spend hours walking around and enjoying the beautiful and many faced city Amsterdam really is.  We shared wine to dinner, and drank beer together in the apartment. We went out dancing, tasted great food and went shopping on street markets, and we walked around in the marihuana smell the inner city sometimes contains. And even though this wasn’t nearly as huge a part of the trip than the study-parts, it is still something that we did together, which made the cooperation between us even better because we got closer experience these things together.  As one of the guys asked me after only six days in Amsterdam: “Cæcilie, had you ever thought we could get this close one week ago?” – And actually no, I never thought that I would meet such wonderful persons on this trip.

IMG_1043 IMG_1046 sfsf

After we got home from Amsterdam, we still had a week and a half to finish our project, and I must say that this was the most beneficial and cozy study group I have ever been in. Professional wise I got a lot out of this project, because I was forced together with new people for two weeks, with no other opportunity than making it work. And personal wise because I pushed myself out on unsafe ground, and found out that I am a much stronger and out-going person than I actually thought.

Of cause you have to make up your mind about whether you could benefit from a trip like this. My advice for you would be to make certain why you are in  doubts about the trip, and then make up your mind if it might benefit you to come out of whatever comfort zone you may be in.  Because I had all my doubts about the trip, but right now I’m entering my third semester with a confidence  I didn’t have three months ago, both professional but most important personal.  And even if we got a bad grade (luckily we didn’t), and even if I used twice the amount of money I would have spent at home, I think it was all worth it.

09 Jan

Meet an MDC Student – Emils


It was with mixed emotions that 22-year old Emils met this morning for his first exam. An exam that would wrap up Emils’ first semester of classes and point to his level of competence.

Emils’ group first presented their project as a team. Then each student had to make an individual presentation and discuss theory and technical issues with the examiners.

“I didn’t know what to expect for this type of exam – you simply have to try it. Now I see that next time I can be more detailed when preparing my own speech instead of just aiming for an informal talk.”

At the exam Emils put emphasis on how the buy cheap cialis online crafts of the profession came together for him during the intense project weeks.
”When you can code you are better at understanding the challenge of a business. Understanding a business helps you to make a better design and so on. I am happy now, but quite frankly I didn’t think I would do so well.”

Emils was awarded with the grade 10 for his performance.

18 Dec

Mød en MDU'er / meet an MDC Student – Roald


Roald, 21 år, læste næsten et års datalogi på universitetet, før han besluttede at skifte spor og uddanne sig til multimediedesigner.
”På datalogi gik der utrolig lang tid, før du så resultatet af dine anstrengelser. Når vi laver projekter her på MDU, viser resultaterne sig i alle trin af processen, det kan jeg godt lide.”

Roald har kodet og bygget hjemmesider i mange år, også inden datalogi, men på MDU får han de forretningsmæssige aspekter bygget ovenpå.
”Personligt er det en udfordring – men også min mulighed for faglig udvikling. Vores projektgruppe arbejder lige nu med at designe et responsivt site til en konceptrestaurant i Berlin. Vi var dernede for at tale med både kunder og ansatte, og det lærte os, at man skal skrotte sine egne formodninger om, hvem kunderne er, hvorfor de kommer der osv. og lave solid research i stedet for.
Hele den side med dialog med en virksomhed og dens kunder for at udvikle en løsning, der skaber reel værdi, er en god kontrast til at sidde med hovedet nede i koden og kun tage ansvar for den.”
21 year old casino Roald studied computer science at the university for almost a year, until he decided to switch lane and become a multimedia designer.
“In computer science it took a long time before you saw any results of your hard work. When we do projects here at the MDC programme, the results show immediately, I like that.”

Roald has been coding and building websites for years, also in connection with computer science, but on MDC the business aspects are added.
“Personally, it is a challenge – but also my opportunity for expanding my professional sphere. Our project team is currently designing a responsive website to a concept restaurant in Berlin. We travelled there to talk to both customers and employees – it really taught us that we should avoid our own assumptions about who the customers are and what they prefer, and do solid research instead.
Engaging in dialogue with a company and its customers in order to develop a solution that actually provides value, is a healthy contrast to solely having focus on the code.”

03 Apr

Summer School in Tanzania

To study abroad will help you develop skills and give you experiences a classroom setting will never provide

Therefore we’ll always encourage our students to spend time abroad during their studies. However some students find it challenging to fit in an entire semester abroad and for the same reason we have developed opportunities to study abroad for shorter periods of time.

The Summer School “Entrepreneurship in East Africa” is a 2 week course that combines school work with the opportunity to get to know new people another culture first-hand.

See more on the EAAA website

15 Mar

Business Model Canvas

Students in class 12E are making business models on the board. At the second semester the multimediadesigner students will be introduced to Alexander Osterwalders Business Model Canvas. The picture is their first attempt to analyse an existing company, during the next couple of lectures they will analyse more complex businesses and even try to come up with a business model of their own


22 Feb

Popular Harlem Shake video by newly graduated Multimediadesigner

14.000 views in first week on Youtube

Multimediadesigner Rodijs Razmus made this super Harlem Shake video for IK Aarhus. Immediately the video became a succes on the social media with over 14.000 views within the first week. This led to exposure on different media, including the tv-program “Godmorgen Danmark” on TV2 and articles in HockeyWorld.dk and BT.dk.

Internship led to… viral succes!

Rodijs did his 4th semester internship at the ice hockey club IK Aarhus. This led to a main assignment about how IK Aarhus could benefit from using social media. Rodijs also made some videos for the club during his intership, but unfortunately none of them had the same viral succes as his Harlem Shake.

Rodijs Rasmus was born in Latvia and came to Denmark to play ice hockey at IK.

Aarhus and study at the international program at Business Academy Aarhus. On the picture it is Rodijs on the left with a helmet on.

Rodijs Rasmus

11 Dec

The Big Startup Company – Winners

This semesters elective actually gave birth to a number of new companies. I had a belief that maybe one or two groups would work really hard and serious and create a business during the six weeks, we enjoyed each others company. But instead of having just one serious company contending for the prize, I had a number of companies with various strengths and weaknesses. That made me think, that instead of just appointing one winner, I could appoint winners in different categories. So this is just what I am about to do.

The winners of The Big Startup, Fall 2012 are:

Best idea:

Natasja Capello, Julie Stilling and Rakel Sigurdardóttir.

The win is based on a very ambitous idea with a huge potential. Unfortunately for the group, they needed some autencity and professional competencies, before they could get funded.

Best group:

Graham Cooper, Ieva Alisauskaite, Rasmus Bach Christensen, Lennart Ellegaard and Maria Suta

A group with a very serious approach, a good idea and a high level of enthusiasm. Thismade them come really far in the search for a company that could actually become a real succes. Their process were close to perfect and my hope is, that all of them later on will become entrepreneurs.

Best output

Karlo Sall Hansen and Iskra Dinkova

Tomorrow (Wednesday the 12th of december) Karlo is actually opening his webshop with underground music. A very focused process made that happen, and tomorrow Karlo will actually call himself an entrepreneur.

So it is actually close to impossible to name an overall winner. And the three groups mentioned here were not the only groups that proved successful. Simas is probably taking his internship in the company he created with three fellow students, and even more groups impressed me with their high level of enthusiasm. Especially a couple of the international groups had very cool presentations, a solid product and a very cool approach

to the elective. So a huge high five to all of you.

All of the above named winners will be able to get a personal diploma by the beginning of the next semester.

I also hope all of the students had a blast during the elective, I certainly had.