25 Oct

Impressions from London

All students on 2nd semester are making blogposts from the studytrip to London in week 41 october 2012. The many fantastic blogposts can be seen at the blog citybrandingaarhus.wordpress.com

There are so many good examples to be shown. But but just to mention a few I would recommend to have a look at the cool picture gallery by Mads Haahr Radoor. The gallery can be found at Mads”s portfolio

Many students also chose to make videos. Here casino spiele is a good streetart video made by the student Niklas Rasmussen from 12b2.

Aiva Roga from 12×2 also made a cool video called Art Lunch in London which also includes pictures of her own artwork inspired by the trip to London.

There are also a lot of really good blogposts based on text to be found on citybrandingaarhus.wordpress.com. One example is a blogpost about about the exhibition “Google web lab” by Marina Rytter Vilsen, Mia Johannsen og Malene Vinter all from 12b2.

Thanks to all of the great students from 2nd. semester for at very nice studytrip!

12 Oct

Studytrip to London 2012

The 3 classes on 2nd semester had a splendid studytrip to London i October 2012. We saw cool museums as: Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Museum of London, Tate Modern and a temporary exhibition called Moving Image (www.moving-image.info)

Looking at cool street art i London – among others we saw a lot of works of Ben Wilson who paints on chewing gum on the street

Street Art

And we experienced a Flash Mob on Tate Modern. Suddently a lot of people stopped – some of them sat down on the floor – and then they began to sing. Funny, crazy and indeed a inspiring experience. See a short video of the Happening at Tate Modern http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxUttzoxwDM&feature=plcp

Gotta love London :-)

15 May

Valgfag Aftereffect

Et eksempel på en af de mange forskellige produktioner fra vores valgfag i Aftereffect på 3. semester.

Vores internationale studerende Aleksejs Cugunovs skriver: After Effects animation, made in kinetic typography style. The video shows tips & tricks how to make viral video in a funny and dynamic way.  http://youtu.be/MvSp8dW3-YA?hd=1

09 Nov

Pitching the Storyboard

Used by Disney
Storyboarding was used as a working tool from the early Disney productions. And it still is! The philosophy behind storyboarding is simple:

  • Don’t tell the story – draw it!
  • As the ancient chinese said: a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • The storyboard was “pitched”
  • Then Disney decided to produce or not to produce

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