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11 Dec

The Big Startup Company – Winners

This semesters elective actually gave birth to a number of new companies. I had a belief that maybe one or two groups would work really hard and serious and create a business during the six weeks, we enjoyed each others company. But instead of having just one serious company contending for the prize, I had a number of companies with various strengths and weaknesses. That made me think, that instead of just appointing one winner, I could appoint winners in different categories. So this is just what I am about to do.

The winners of The Big Startup, Fall 2012 are:

Best idea:

Natasja Capello, Julie Stilling and Rakel Sigurdardóttir.

The win is based on a very ambitous idea with a huge potential. Unfortunately for the group, they needed some autencity and professional competencies, before they could get funded.

Best group:

Graham Cooper, Ieva Alisauskaite, Rasmus Bach Christensen, Lennart Ellegaard and Maria Suta

A group with a very serious approach, a good idea and a high level of enthusiasm. Thismade them come really far in the search for a company that could actually become a real succes. Their process were close to perfect and my hope is, that all of them later on will become entrepreneurs.

Best output

Karlo Sall Hansen and Iskra Dinkova

Tomorrow (Wednesday the 12th of december) Karlo is actually opening his webshop with underground music. A very focused process made that happen, and tomorrow Karlo will actually call himself an entrepreneur.

So it is actually close to impossible to name an overall winner. And the three groups mentioned here were not the only groups that proved successful. Simas is probably taking his internship in the company he created with three fellow students, and even more groups impressed me with their high level of enthusiasm. Especially a couple of the international groups had very cool presentations, a solid product and a very cool approach

to the elective. So a huge high five to all of you.

All of the above named winners will be able to get a personal diploma by the beginning of the next semester.

I also hope all of the students had a blast during the elective, I certainly had.

15 May

Innovationsundervisning på første semester

Innovationsundervisningen på første semester var denne gang flyttet til Olufsborg i Sondrup. Torsdag den 10. maj klokken 09:30 ankom 35 studerende til hytten, men desværre havde udlejeren glemt, at vi skulle ind, så vi måtte gruppeinddele i regnvejret. De studerende tog det med højt humør, og fik hurtigt gang i snakketøjet.

Da de studerende havde fået sig indkvarteret i hytten fik de en kort gennemgang af den metode, som de skulle bruge i dagens workshop, og de fik præsenteret dagens opgave. Alle mulige og umulige kreative indfald prægede dagens løsninger, og brætspillet som fænomen blev sat på prøve.

Imens de studerende morede sig med den kreative opgave lavede underviserne mad.

Til sidst blev vinderen fundet. Et gangsterspil, som var rigtig flot udført og havde nogle underholdende momenter. F.eks. da Per måtte sniffe salt med en sweaterbandana om panden. Flere billeder kan rekvireres hos Per T. Jensen.