12 Oct

Studytrip to London 2012

The 3 classes on 2nd semester had a splendid studytrip to London i October 2012. We saw cool museums as: Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Museum of London, Tate Modern and a temporary exhibition called Moving Image (www.moving-image.info)

Looking at cool street art i London – among others we saw a lot of works of Ben Wilson who paints on chewing gum on the street

Street Art

And we experienced a Flash Mob on Tate Modern. Suddently a lot of people stopped – some of them sat down on the floor – and then they began to sing. Funny, crazy and indeed a inspiring experience. See a short video of the Happening at Tate Modern http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxUttzoxwDM&feature=plcp

Gotta love London :-)